You know your business, but do you know how to grow it in today’s digital landscape? A digital strategy is a necessary element in today’s small business, just like accounting, asset management or human resources.

What is a digital strategy? It is not just launching a website or a Facebook page. The phrase “all dressed up and nowhere to go” perfectly describes your business if you don’t have a strategy that encompasses your digital assets into your overall business.

Designing & activating these plans often seems overwhelming to the point that it doesn’t get done.

That’s why we’re here. It’s where our skills and strengths become an asset to your business and deliver more ROI than any other investment you make.

Here’s how I can help:

Business Strategy

Business Process Analysis
Marketing and Sales Strategy
Technology Implementation

Project Management

Strategic Relationship Management
Vertical Market Identification & Management
Wholesale & Distribution Management

Digital Asset Management

Ecommerce Start Up
Ecommerce Operations Management

Website Design & Management

Email and Web Marketing
Systems Design & Architecture
System Implementations Consulting

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
POS Systems
Accounting Systems

We use white label consulting service providers when needs fall outside of our scope of expertise.
References Available upon request